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Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon 2025

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Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon 2025

Trip Facts


1 Day

Highest access:

5,364 metres

Group Size:

1 to 30


Khumbu Region


Modrate to Extreme

Best season:

May 29


Sherpa Culture


Jeep, Helicopter, Flight


Standard Hotel, Lodge


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner





Welcome to the Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon 2025, an unparalleled high-altitude adventure sports event held annually on May 29th. Named in honor of the legendary mountaineers Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary, who first conquered Mount Everest, this marathon is a testament to human endurance and exploration.

Benefits of Joining Marathon through Himalayan Magic Treks:

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of Himalayan Magic Treks, ensuring a well-organized and safe marathon experience.
  • Exclusive Access: Gain access to exclusive perks and accommodations, including pre-marathon training sessions and post-race celebrations.
  • Breathtaking Scenery: Immerse yourself in the stunning vistas of the Himalayas as you traverse the marathon route, with Himalayan Magic Treks providing unparalleled opportunities for sightseeing and exploration.
  • Cultural Immersion: Experience the rich Sherpa culture and hospitality firsthand, with Himalayan Magic Treks facilitating interactions with local communities along the marathon route.
  • Memorable Experience: Create lasting memories and friendships as you challenge yourself amidst the backdrop of the world's highest peaks, supported by the expertise and camaraderie of Himalayan Magic Treks.

Comprehensive Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon Guide

Welcome to the ultimate adventure challenge: the Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon! This comprehensive guide will walk you through every aspect of this iconic event, from the route details to the unique characteristics of each marathon category.

Route Overview:

The Marathon begins at the historic Everest Base Camp and winds its way through the majestic Himalayan landscape, ultimately concluding in the vibrant town of Namche Bazaar. Along the route, participants will encounter breathtaking views of towering peaks, pristine glaciers, and picturesque Sherpa villages.

Mt. Everest Marathon is Divided into 3 Category

1.Half Marathon (21KM)

The Half Marathon is the shortest among the three categories, covering a total distance of 21 kilometers. Starting from Dingboche, runners will descend through the scenic trails, passing through Pangboche, Tangboche, and Laubisasa before reaching the vibrant Namche Bazaar. This category offers a perfect balance of challenge and scenic beauty, making it ideal for both seasoned runners and beginners alike.


Past Year Winners: Half Marathon (21KM)

In the memorable year of 2023, Ms. Emma Williams, representing Australia with chest number 217, emerged as the triumphant victor of the Half Marathon. With remarkable determination and skill, Ms. Williams completed the grueling 21-kilometer course in an impressive time of 3 hours, 21 minutes, and 40 seconds, securing the coveted first position.

2.Full Marathon (42KM)

For those seeking a more challenging endeavor the Full Marathon covers a distance of 42 kilometers. Starting at Everest Base Camp, participants will traverse iconic locations such as Gorakshep, Lobuche, and Dingboche before descending to Namche Bazaar. This marathon offers a unique opportunity to camp at Everest Base Camp and summit Kala Patthar, providing unparalleled views of Everest, Nuptse, and Lhotse. With its mix of rugged terrain and breathtaking scenery, the Full Marathon promises an unforgettable adventure.


Past Year Winners: Full Marathon (42KM)

Hailing from the majestic mountains of Nepal, Mr. Suman Kulung, donning chest number 122, etched his name in the annals of Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon history as the champion of the Full Marathon in 2023. Battling through rugged terrain and soaring altitudes, Mr. Kulung completed the demanding 42-kilometer course in a remarkable time of 3 hours, 47 minutes, and 16 seconds, claiming the top spot with unparalleled determination.

3.Extreme Ultra Marathon (70KM)

The Extreme Ultra Marathon, also known as the 70th Everest Ascent Anniversary Celebration Trail, is the ultimate test of endurance. Covering a staggering distance of 70 kilometers, participants will follow the route from Everest Base Camp through challenging terrain, including Chhukung, Phortse, and Mongla, before descending to Namche Bazaar. This marathon offers a unique opportunity to push the limits of physical and mental strength while experiencing the unparalleled beauty of the Himalayas.


Past Year Winners: Ultra Extreme Marathon (70KM):

In a display of extraordinary endurance and fortitude, Mr. Tirtha Bahadur Tamang, also from Nepal and adorned with chest number 718, conquered the grueling challenges of the Extreme Ultra Marathon in 2023. Covering a staggering distance of 70 kilometers amidst the unforgiving Himalayan terrain, Mr. Tamang crossed the finish line in an awe-inspiring time of 8 hours, 38 minutes, and 9 seconds, earning him the esteemed first position and the admiration of all who witnessed his remarkable feat.

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Detail Itinerary

Marathon Day : 29 May 2025

food before and after Marathon
Hotel in Namche Bazar
Day Activity
Everest Marathon

Wake up early in Everest Base Camp, feeling the excitement and anticipation for the marathon ahead.

Half Marathon Itinerary:

Participants in the Half Marathon (21KM) will begin their race in Dingboche, situated at an altitude of 4410m. The route descends from Dingboche to Namche Bazaar, covering picturesque villages such as Pangboche, Tengboche, and finally reaching the finish line in Namche Bazaar at 3440m. Runners will traverse a mix of terrain, including rocky paths and forested trails, while enjoying stunning views of the Himalayan landscape along the way.

Full Marathon Itinerary:

Full Marathon participants will start their race from Everest Base Camp (5364m) and follow the trail through Gorakshep, Lobuche, Dingboche, and Pangboche before reaching Namche Bazaar. The route offers a combination of challenging ascents and descents, with runners navigating rocky terrain and high mountain passes. Spectacular views of Everest, Lhotse, and Ama Dablam accompany participants throughout the marathon, providing inspiration as they push towards the finish line.

Ultra Extreme Marathon Itinerary:

The Ultra Extreme Marathon, covering a distance of 70KM, follows the same route as the Full Marathon from Everest Base Camp to Namche Bazaar. However, Ultra participants will continue beyond Namche Bazaar, descending further to villages like Phortse, Machhermo, and Mongla before reaching Namche Bazaar. This extended route offers an additional challenge, with participants tackling rugged terrain and remote mountain passes as they push their limits in this ultimate test of endurance.

NOTE: For a comprehensive day-by-day itinerary of the Everest Marathon, starting from kathmandu to EBC and return back to Kathmandudetailing activities and accommodations, kindly check our Everest Base Camp Trek Package. except this paricular day all the itinerary is same as EBC Trek

What are included in my Package?

  • Experienced trekking guides and support staff throughout the journey.
  • Accommodation in tea houses or lodges during the trekking portion of the marathon.
  • All necessary permits and entry fees for the Everest region.
  • Airport transfers in Kathmandu.
  • Domestic flights between Kathmandu and Lukla (if applicable).
  • Meals during the trekking portion of the marathon (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).
  • Marathon registration fees and race bibs.
  • Medical support and emergency evacuation arrangements, if required.
  • Porter service to carry personal belongings (limited weight allowance).
  • Pre-marathon briefing and orientation session in Kathmandu.

What are Excluded from my Package?

  • International airfare to and from Kathmandu.
  • Accommodation, meals, and activities in Kathmandu.
  • Personal trekking equipment and gear (e.g., trekking boots, clothing, sleeping bags).
  • Personal expenses such as souvenirs, snacks, and beverages.
  • Travel insurance (mandatory) covering medical and evacuation expenses.
  • Additional costs incurred due to unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters, flight delays, or political unrest.
  • Tips for guides, porters, and support staff (customary but discretionary).
  • Any expenses incurred outside the scope of the provided itinerary.


Route Map

Why to Join the Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon for 2025

Participating in the Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon for 2025 is more than just a race – it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whether you're an experienced runner or a novice adventurer, this event offers something for everyone. From the stunning scenery of the Himalayas to the rich cultural heritage of the Sherpa people, every moment of the marathon is filled with awe and inspiration. Join us as we celebrate the spirit of adventure and exploration in the heart of the world's highest mountains.

How to Reach Everest Base Camp to Join Everest Marathon?

To embark on the Journey, you have two options to reach Everest Base Camp (EBC), each tailored to your preferences and comfort.

First Option

The first option involves taking a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. Upon landing in Lukla, renowned for its stunning aerial views and challenging airstrip, you'll start your trek to Everest Base Camp with our seasoned guides. Following the Everest Base Camp Trek itinerary, you'll traverse picturesque landscapes and charming Sherpa villages, guided safely towards the iconic base camp.

Second Option

The second option offers a luxurious alternative: a charter or shared helicopter from Kathmandu directly to Everest Base Camp. This exclusive mode of transportation provides unparalleled comfort and allows you to soar above the majestic Himalayas, arriving at base camp in style.

Upon completing the marathon at Namche Bazaar, you'll have a scenic trek back to Phakding, followed by a journey back to Lukla. From Lukla, you can catch a flight back to Kathmandu, concluding your marathon adventure.

For those seeking luxury, the option to charter or share a helicopter for the return journey to Kathmandu is available. Marvel at the Himalayan beauty one more time before touching down in Kathmandu, where your marathon journey ends.

Rest assured, we will arrange for your transportation to and from Everest Base Camp. To ensure everything is prepared accordingly, please inform us in advance about your preferred method of reaching EBC.

Join the 2025 Mount Everest Marathon through Himalayan Magic Treks:

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime and participate in the prestigious Marathon with the support of Himalayan Magic Treks. Joining this marathon through us is a seamless and straightforward process, designed to ensure that your journey is both memorable and hassle-free.

How to Join:

Booking your spot in the 2025 Tenzing Hillary Marathon through Himalayan Magic Treks is easy:

Contact Us:

Reach out to us directly to book your package or inquire about the marathon. You can contact us via email or WhatsApp using the following details:


WhatsApp: +977-9851166578

Send Your Inquiry:

Once we receive your email or inquiry, our dedicated team at Himalayan Magic Treks will promptly respond to you with all the necessary information and details regarding the marathon package. We'll provide you with comprehensive guidance and answer any questions you may have, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make your decision.

Confirmation and Preparation:

After receiving our response, you can confirm your participation in the marathon package. We'll guide you through the booking process and assist you in making all necessary arrangements for your adventure. Whether it's securing accommodations, arranging transportation, or providing training tips, Himalayan Magic Treks will ensure that you are fully prepared for the marathon experience of a lifetime.

Join us as we embark on this extraordinary journey through the Himalayas and conquer the  Marathon together. Contact Himalayan Magic Treks today to begin your adventure!

Preparation for the Tenzing Hillary Marathon 2025

Participating in the Tenzing Hillary Marathon is a monumental undertaking that requires thorough preparation and training. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you prepare for this extraordinary adventure:

Physical Training:

Start your training regimen well in advance, focusing on building endurance, strength, and cardiovascular fitness.

Incorporate a combination of running, hiking, and strength training into your routine to prepare your body for the demanding terrain and altitude.

Altitude Acclimatization:

Acclimatization is crucial for adjusting to the high altitude of the Himalayas and reducing the risk of altitude sickness.

Consider spending time at high altitudes prior to the marathon to allow your body to adapt gradually.

Nutrition and Hydration:

Maintain a balanced diet rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats to fuel your training and recovery.

Stay hydrated throughout your training and during the marathon, paying close attention to electrolyte balance at high altitudes.

Gear and Equipment:

Invest in high-quality gear and equipment suitable for mountainous terrain and varying weather conditions.

Essential items include sturdy hiking shoes, moisture-wicking clothing, layers for insulation, a hydration pack or water bottles, and a headlamp for early morning starts.

Mental Preparation:

Mental strength is as crucial as physical fitness when tackling the challenges of the Tenzing Marathon.

Visualize success, set realistic goals, and cultivate a positive mindset to overcome obstacles and push through moments of fatigue.

Medical Check-Up:

Before embarking on your marathon journey, consult with a healthcare professional to ensure you are in good health and assess any potential risks.

Discuss altitude-related concerns and ensure you have any necessary medications or supplies for the duration of the marathon.

Familiarize Yourself with the Route:

Study the marathon route carefully, familiarizing yourself with key landmarks, elevation gains, and potential challenges.

Consider participating in organized training runs or hikes along sections of the route to gain firsthand experience and confidence.

Final Preparations:

As the marathon date approaches, taper your training to allow your body to rest and recover.

Double-check your gear, finalize travel arrangements, and ensure you have all necessary permits and documentation for the marathon.

By following these preparation guidelines and committing to your training, you'll be well-equipped to take on the challenges of the Tenzing Hillary Marathon and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Client Reviews

Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson

Australia, 29th May, 2022

Highly recommended!

Participating in the Marathon through Himalayan Magic Treks was an unforgettable experience! From the breathtaking views to the incredible support from the team, every moment was truly magical. Highly recommended!

Juan Martinez

Juan Martinez

Spain, 29th May, 2023

Can't wait to do it again!

I had the privilege of joining the Marathon with Himalayan Magic Treks, and it exceeded all my expectations. The organization, professionalism, and camaraderie among fellow runners made it an adventure of a lifetime. Can't wait to do it again!

Emily Smith

Emily Smith

Canada, 29th May, 2022

Truly an incredible journey!

Running the World Highest Marathon was a dream come true, and I couldn't have asked for a better team than Himalayan Magic Treks to make it happen. The support, guidance, and attention to detail were exceptional. Truly an incredible journey!

Luca Bianchi

Luca Bianchi

Italy, 29th May, 2023

A once-in-a-lifetime adventure

As an avid marathon runner, I can confidently say that the Marathon is unlike any other. Himalayan Magic Treks' expertise and hospitality made the entire experience seamless and enjoyable. A once-in-a-lifetime adventure worth every step!

David Brown

David Brown

United Kingdom, 29th May, 2023

True test of endurance!

I had the pleasure of participating in the Highest Marathon with Himalayan Magic Treks, and it was an incredible adventure from start to finish. The organization, support, and camaraderie among fellow runners made it an experience I'll never forget. Highly recommended to anyone seeking a true test of endurance!

Marie Dubois

Marie Dubois

France, 29th May, 2023

A truly unforgettable experience

Joining the Marathon with Himalayan Magic Treks was a dream come true. The professionalism, attention to detail, and genuine care for participants' well-being were evident every step of the way. A truly unforgettable experience amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas!


The Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon is an internationally renowned high-altitude adventure sports event held annually on May 29th. Named after the first climbers to summit Mount Everest, this marathon offers participants the opportunity to race through the stunning Himalayan landscape, starting from Everest Base Camp and concluding in Namche Bazaar.

The next Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon is scheduled to take place on May 29, 2025.

The marathon offers three categories: Half Marathon (21KM), Full Marathon (42KM), and Extreme Ultra Marathon (70KM). Each category presents unique challenges and experiences, catering to participants of varying fitness levels and adventure preferences.

To register for the marathon, you can book your package through Himalayan Magic Treks, the official organizers of the event. Contact us via email at or WhatsApp at +977-9851166578 to inquire about registration and package details.

The marathon route spans from Everest Base Camp to Namche Bazaar, encompassing varying altitudes ranging from 3440m to 5364m, depending on the category. Participants should be prepared for the challenges of high-altitude running and acclimatize accordingly.

While specific gear requirements may vary based on the category and personal preferences, essential items include sturdy hiking shoes, weather-appropriate clothing, hydration systems, headlamps, and personal medical supplies. A comprehensive gear list will be provided upon registration.

Training should focus on building endurance, strength, and cardiovascular fitness, with an emphasis on uphill and downhill running. Participants are encouraged to incorporate elevation training and long-distance runs/hikes into their preparation regimen to prepare for the challenges of high-altitude racing.

Yes, medical support stations will be strategically located along the marathon route, manned by experienced medical professionals. Additionally, participants are required to undergo a medical check-up prior to the event to ensure they are fit to participate.

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