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Why Himalayan Magic Treks

We are a small but capable company specializing in adventure travel holidays in the Himalayan region. Since Himalayan Magic Trek’s establishment in 2012, the company has progressively grown to become a leading adventure travel operator. We provide international quality services from our head office in Kathmandu, and also operate tours in Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan. We are focus on quality of service cannot be guaranteed by money alone. The trust and respect garnered by us through years of working together with communities and hotel owners is a valuable asset that makes our treks eased up and prepared for contingencies. We believe in offering the best of our services during your journeys with us. We are committed in maintaining a high level of ethical standards in all our operations. Above all, our loyal, committed and highly experienced staff-base gives us an edge over the tough competition


We have our own native leaders to conducted in this field since the beginning of the company
We conducted trekking, peak climbing, and Mountain expedition, City Tours programs to more than 200 trails
Hundreds are engaged in trekking programs and other activities every season all over Nepal
We have an outstanding hundred percent success rate.  This is an amazing success rate for any adventure operator
 Our crew members have successfully operated tours for over 50 people to Everest Base Camp and we also have special provisions for infants (below 5 years) as well as elderly people who want to undertake adventure expeditions. Even we have our own transportation and starting business in Mountain Lodge from Phakding Tribeni Lodge also Himalayan Magic Helicopter Services.


 We are young and capable trekking agency that focus on the adventurous travel holidays in the Himalayan homeland of Nepal. Himalayan Magic Treks (P) Ltd. Company is organizing under the professional team of experience 28 years in this field. We believe that the age of the company doesn’t determine the experience of the quality but the experience of the professionalism does. We don’t compromise in providing you the professional staffs, security and services to our valuable customers. Nepal Tours and Trekking, Peak Climbing, Mountain Expedition above 8000 meters as well as Bhutan, Tibet are our second priorities for after Nepal; we organize all the travel in these countries. With the quality experience of our field staff, we have succeed to give good satisfaction and a smile to our guest.


Himalayan Magic Treks has successfully conducted all Normal, Adventure Treks in Nepal, Peak Climbing in Nepal and Mountain Expedition to different destination of Nepal and 
Tibet. We are having positive feedback from our clients about the services staffs and eventually the price. We have also organized numerous specialized adventure and tour activities such as aid organization treks, fund raising treks, treks for school students, corporate adventure activities and others according to demand. Quality of service apart Himalayan Magic Treks different from other company ! We provide comfortable cost and the best accommodation hotels with good environment and hospitality, well certified guides, well conditioned vehicle, information, welcome and farewell dinner in typical Nepali culture Restaurant and best trekking advisory.

Financial Protection / Security:

Booking any trekking destination in Nepal requires huge amount of money transactions and basically the trust. Booking trip randomly via website alone doesn’t give the security for you and your income. Conversely, we are a fully an authorized trekking company by the Government of Nepal, Nepal Tourism Board, Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, Company Registration Office, Nepal National Bank and We are also affiliated with several high-status regulating bodies such as NMA, TAAN. 

Leaders & Team Members:

Himalayan Magic Treks comprehensive team a member becomes a part of Nepal. We have our guides certified from the government of Nepal. Our knowledgeable local guides from different corner of Himalayas who have been providing an inspirational travel and lifetime images to our travelers. Our team are trained and prepared for the challenges in the trekking routes. We have very friendly and valuable trekking team making us Himalayan Magic Treks

Guest Delight:

We have always treated our guest in superior level with nice Hospitality. We always give security to guest
through information. We provide proper information about the trekking route and environment to
adopt with the Himalayan surroundings, with high altitude and among people. We always welcome and
drop our guest during arrival and departure in Katmandu and any other destination on the way. We also
provide every additional services demanded by travelers.

Special Services:

We do not oblige our traveler guest to travel with other guest until their recommendation especially in fixed departures. We provide reasonable price and services despite of being single in number. We completely prefer our guest to visit in peaceful and desired way. Personal Care: We are always looking forward for the best of our team. We provide their wages according to their work and their performance. We provide security to their work, insurance, equipment, first aid to all the staffs including leader, Guide, Assistance guide, Porter guide, Porter and other working staffs in company. Conscientious Tourism: Being Travel and Tour operator in Nepal, we are a responsible Tourism Company. We always go for responsible tourism and adopt the policies according to the Social and Environmental Responsibility. We have also conducted the awareness program against the environmental pollution in Kathmandu valley and different cities of Nepal.

Trekking Guide:

We are the legal company since 2008, and we have different language speaking guide especially English,
French, Japanese etc and we have provided several training for tourism sector, so our guide has knowledge of First Aid, Acute mountain sickness for Mountain safety and care.
Our guide has different experiences about Trekking field since long time and they have well knowledge of each region for explanation to make satisfied our valuable client’s. So Trekking guide has well experiences about Trekking route and taking to best place for accommodations in Lodge during the Hiking

Mountain safety and Security:

A small safety measure underestimated or overlooked can turn into a fatal accident. On the other hand, adventure trips undertaken appropriately with proper safety precautions and professional guidance nullifies the risk factor. Himalayan Magic Treks holds a safety record that is second to none. While keeping the overheads of our trips low, safety is one area we simply do not compromise. Our team comprises guides who are fully trained in safety and first aid in a professional manner. Health hazards such as altitude sickness and other ailments have been effectively taken care preventing unnecessary hassles.
Guides are selected based on their technical proficiency, proven safety records, impeccable judgment, and supportive teaching styles. The guides are highly professional and are well-trained in areas including in the first aid and hygiene, personal protection, equipment usage, and emergency situations. Itineraries are designed expertly such that it gives you enough time for acclimatization. However, oxygen cylinders and PAC Bags are happily provided upon request (payable). A pulse oxymeter is also provisioned to facilitate acclimatization. The device measures oxygen saturation percentage in blood along with your pulse rate.
Our packages are offered at a fair price that is unbeatable in the same category. We however, do not compromise on safety measures, which is the first priority. Nevertheless, a price for each trip is still comparatively low as the company is based in Nepal, and can manage well under the prices in comparison to international tour operators. 

Himalayan Magic Treks always choosing first Safety in the mountains and our professional guides have well knowledge for secure any types of Adventure Trips / Trekking in Nepal and walking in the Himalayan trail is not an easy task when it comes to adventure, to give you security we always provide our expert and professional team to guide you to the final point. We provide better health kit, food, accommodation. The guides are highly professional and are tractable when there is any obstacle in trekking route. We have been providing oxygen cylinders and PAC Bags upon request (payable) for guest security.

Personnel Care:

We are always looking forward for the best of our team. We provide their wages according to their work and their performance. We provide security to their work, insurance, equipment, first aid to all the staffs including leader, Guide, Assistance guide, Porter guide, Porter and other working staffs in company.

Conscientious Tourism:-

Being Travel and Tour operator in Nepal we are responsible Tourism Company. We always go for
Responsible Tourism and adopt the policies according to the Social and Environmental Responsibility.
We have also conducted the awareness program against the environmental program in Katmandu valley
and different cities of Nepal.

Social Commitments:

Himalayan Magic Trekking provides help not only to travelers but also to those children’s and needy people by collecting the funds and providing them for their daily use. Despite of being rich and famous country for the natural resources and Himalayan ranges our resources are underutilized resulting poor and needy people suffering from cold, hunger and shelter so we trying best from our sides to help them twice a year providing certain amount of money and clothes. If you are interested in our social field please contact us. They really need us: