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Wonderful Everest Trek

"The Everest base camp trek with Gopal was, from beginning to end, and incredible adventure. Gopal and his porters are exceptionally knowledgeable and friendly. They went to some unimaginable lengths to ensure the comfort of our group and the success of our trek. Gopal has been doing this for a very long time and has no problem obtaining lodging or logistics anywhere in the Khumbu region, as he is well known and respected throughout the area. The trek is something that I will never forget. I highly recommend Himalayan Magic Treks."

Jenny from Canada

Memorable EBC Trek

‘I'm a 25 year old Korean-Canadian and I got into contact with Nabin 5 months before my arrival at Nepal in 2014 after hearing some good references from other foreigners. I got in contact with him early to get some ideas about trekking to EBC early 2015. He was very quick but detailed in his responses.

I had actually contacted several other guides and trekking companies, but in the end I decided to go with Nabin and his guide-porter because of not only their fast replies but also a sense of flexibility I got from them when it came to making decisions. They were very accommodating to the decisions I made, even about the little details. In the end though my personal challenge to trek to EBC failed because of my personal health reasons, but I highly recommend Nabin and his agency because of the hospitality, care, and quick emergency responses I received from them when I needed medical help. I think this is the most important factor when choosing a guide for your trekking experience.

We are hiring guides not just for sightseeing info during the trekking experience but in case we need to deal with emergency situations. Nabin and Krishna dealt my health problem really well and even continuously followed up with me throughout my stay at Nepal. This was not part of their job description when I hired them, and I truly appreciate their care and attention. I am planning to attempt an EBC trek again in two years after I train more. I'll be asking Nabin and Krishna again for their guidance and I hope my review of them will be helpful to you in deciding your guide for your trekking experience.



Klaus from Germany

Unforgettable experiences Helambu Trek

I was in April 2009 with Nabin, twelve days on a tour in the Helambu area and after wards for six days in the Everest region. To me, both of this trips were unforgettable experiences with many mountainside locations of such an unbelievable peace and beauty, hardly to be described or even imaginable. His expertly founded guidance led us almost every time to the just perfect places to stay or to take a rest. The magnificence of the stunning views and his friendliness. I will always keep in my heart. Due to him it makes me smile brightly, whenever I am thinking of Nepal. Nabin has a profound knowledge from any tours in Nepal and into the surrounding countries. He speaks a pure, clearly, easy to understand English, many of the local languages and dialects and - if necessary - French as well. His excellent education and his remarkable life experience enabled us to lead many interesting conversations that will always find in my memory a truly, well deserved place. Should you be interested in getting an in-depth knowledge about life in Nepal and to see all the famous places as well as sites located of the beaten track I am able to strongly recommend Nabin as a Tour Guide for any enterprises you are planning to take.

17 Days EBC Trek with Himalayan Magic Treks- five Star services

I spent over 17 days with Gopal on a trek for EBC with 3 other family members in October 2011. It was an incredible journey that would not have been possible without the excellent help and guidance that Gopal and our two porters provided. Even in moments of trouble (altitude sickness) he showed us just how experienced he is with guiding and made sure to keep everyone safe even if it meant turning around.

You can be sure that if you choose Himalayan Magic Treks as your tour company you will have a safe, fun, informative and exciting journey. I was not disappointed with the service they provided and would recommend them to anyone who is interested in exploring this beautiful area of the world.

-    Ottawa, Canada


My trip to Nepal

Dates: From September 24 to October 16 2013

Itinerary: Kathmandu, Lukla, Phakding , Namche Bazar, Khumjung, Lukla, Chaurikharka, Bupsa, Basa (volunteering), Phaplu, Sete, Kenja,  Deurali, Jiri, Kathmandu. (I need to check these against my notes )

My experience:I decided to go to Nepal on a bit of a whim. My good friends Suzanne and George had convinced me that I would love it and that the people at Himalayan Magic Treks were the best to help me plan my trip. Everyone (including me!) was surprised when I decided on September 2 to leave on September 22!I e-mailed Himalayan Magic Treks and by the next morning I had received an itinerary, including a guide and a porter and a week of teaching English in the remote village of Basa had been arranged.  I confirmed my flights with Gopal and he assured me that my guide was the best (his son, Gadjendra), my porter was the best (their good friend, Gaurab). The guide, porter, accommodations, meals and coffee were all included in the price.

When I arrived at the airport in Kathmandu I was tired and a bit nervous, but as soon as I stepped out the airport doors, Gopal and Gadjendra were there to welcome me! Not only did they have a garland of flowers and a Himalayan Magic Treks sign, they also had a car and driver waiting and a hotel and dinner booked. From those first hours, when I took a warm shower in Kathmandu and had a nice dinner with Gopal, I felt confident that I would be well taken care of. Little did I know how well!

During the entire duration of this amazing trip, I was never asked to pay for any lodging or food during the hikes. Gadjendra discreetly and effectively took care of all the negotiations, bookings, last minute changes to my itinerary, ordering meals and even tea and coffee. Gaurab took my bag up to my room at every new tea house and picked it up in my room at every departure. Gaurab and Gadjendra never let me out of their sight unless I was happily chatting with a friend of theirs or had retired to my room. On the trails they made sure that we stayed together. In contrast to other tourists, who relied on their maps and good senses, we never got lost. When we arrived in Basa, I was warmly welcomed by my hosts and their children as well as by the school and the community. Needless to say that our arrival had been tracked along the trails of the Himalaya for a few days!

At the school I soon found that these beautiful children would learn very little from me without some help from an interpreter. Gadjendra was amazing! We gave classes together and, to a very large extent, he spent as much energy and time as I did – both in the classroom and in preparations.The trek out of the Himalaya, from Basa to Jiri was as sad as it was wonderful. By then Gadjendra, Gaurab and I were good friends. We had fun hiking and we took a lot of pictures! We hung our numerous prayer scarves on bridges and near stupas at the top of the trails.

We arrived in Jiri in the rain and were told by many tourists that it was impossible to get a bus to Kathmandu, but by then I was confident in Himalayan Magic Treks ability to do anything. Within an hour, Gadjendra and Gaurab had us booked in a compact van to Kathmandu at 6 am the next day. A much smoother ride than in the big crowded busses!
In Kathmandu, Gopal met us at the (very nice!) hotel and invited me to eat at his home. Gadjendra - who must have been exhausted by then! – came with me back to Tamil district to shop for souvenirs and ensure that I got the best deals. We then all went to dinner at a traditional Nepalese restaurant.
Gopal and Gadjendra were even there to see me off at the airport at 7 the next morning. My heart was heavy as I boarded the plane and still is more than a week later.
Without Gadjendra I would have experienced Nepal as an isolated outsider miming my way to ensuring my survival. With his patient, gracious and generous help, I was able to be a guest in local family homes, sit around the fire and listen to grandmothers and grandfathers tell stories and give advice. I was able to play with the kids and have very enriching conversations with community leaders. With Gadjendra as a tireless interpreter and cultural guide, I made a lot of friends!
By the end of my time in Basa my heart was full of these bright children’s laughter and smiles. I had learnt a few words of Nepali and they had learnt (to their credit) an impressive amount of English. I felt like Basa had let me in and shared a part of its self with a clumsy tourist. To know the magic of Nepal, you have to have been there. It would not be fair of me to try to explain the wind, the cucumbers, the children playing, the cool clear night sky or the fireflies. Nor could I ever do justice to the sight of a snowy peak at the end of a long climb or to the sound of clear rushing rivers roaring under a foot bridge.

To have been there is to carry Nepal in your heart.

Thanks to Himalayan Magic Treks I had a life-changing experience in Nepal. I will never forget the new friends I made and I will forever be grateful to Gadjendra, Gaurab and Gopal for making it all happen!
Love, love, love


8 Days Panorama Trek

I have spent 8 days on Annapurna Panorama Trek with my tour guide Sitaram in March this year. This was my first trip to Nepal.

Although we did not hike high the trek was quite challenging at times due to steep ascents. We trek 5-6 hours daily and take our time while trekking. I really enjoyed the weather, cicadas in jungle (never heard them before), blooming rhododendrons and all sorts of small and big animals including eagles J Multiply it by an extraordinary scenery, good companionship and few people on the trail and you do not want to leave this place. Although there was only me and Sitaram on the trip we did not feel bored. At evenings we sit and chat with other people who stayed at the same tea houses as us. Tea houses offer variety of different dishes, we stick to Dal Bhat and lemon tea mostly J

I am grateful to Sitaram for having spent time with me and showing me a bit of Nepal. I know that this was not my last trip to Himalayas and I hope to go there again after the monsoon season.

I was a marvellous trip and I am looking forward to come back soon.


United Kingdom

mon 1er trek au Nepal

Salut Nabin ,pour mon 1er trek de cet envergure parce qu'il faut le dire c'est pas facile tous les jours,la grimpette la descente et vice versa,ce n est pas fait pour les pantouflards,et Bin moi j adore,pour une 1ère expérience je signe pour la prochaine année,plein les pate, plein les yeux, une belle petite aventure avec un guide ki ne sait pas dire non ki crapahute au rythme ke vous voulé et ce porteur Khadga ki ne parle pas beaucoup mais toujours le sourire,à vous 2 vous formé un très bon duo, très agréable pour avancer dans le monde du trekking,et j' espère bien vous revoir tout les 2 pour le prochain trek l'année prochaine à la même période et c'est moi ki te remerci pour cette bonne compagnie,ton sourire et d avoir supporté nos humeurs tous ce mois,sur ce je te fais des bisous bibiche.



Camp Base de l'Annapurna Trekking

Nous avons passé 3 semaines au Népal en février 2010 dont 12 jours en compagnie de Nabin qui nous a fait découvrir un petit bout de l’Himalaya.

Nous avons choisi un trek nous amenant au camp de base des Annapurna en passant par les villages et sites immanquables pour tout touriste curieux de découvrir en profondeur ces montagnes, sa faune, sa flore mais aussi ses habitants et le mode de vie qui en découle.

Nous marchions 4/5 heures par jour en prenant le temps d’apprendre les chansons du pays et quelques mots népalais…Nabin, qui parle le français, nous a transmis beaucoup de connaissances sur sa culture et sur la montagne.

Son humour et sa bonne humeur ont été de bonnes amies durant ce séjour et toujours soucieux de nous offrir le meilleur, nous n’avons jamais manqué de rien.

Nous avons partagé de bons moments de camaraderie, sur le chemin et dans les refuges et pris le temps de découvrir et de nous enrichir d’autres choses que ce pourquoi nous étions venus…

Nous projetons de revenir marcher au Népal dans un futur proche,… Et c’est sans aucun doute que nous ferons appel à ses services pour nous guider et nous proposer un itinéraire en rapport à nos envies, besoins et motivations.

Julie Rendek et Renaud Ossant
18, rue de la Tour Neuve,
45000 Orléans

Le 1er voyage au Népal

Le 1er voyage au Népal, c’était le hasard. Nous voulions aller au Tibet, impossible, frontière fermée. Le 2ème, c’est parce-que nous avons été charmé par le Népal et les népalais(es). Le 3ème, c’était pour retrouver nos amis, vivre parmi eux, partager leur mode de vie et leurs traditions.

Le Népal est un pays de rêve. La chaîne Himalayenne est incomparable, magnifique et impressionnante. Ne ratez pas le survol en avion, 30 minutes depur bonheur.
Je vous conseille également de partir en trek, c’est la meilleure façon d’apprécier les campagnes, de voir les paysans travaillés les rizières en terrasse, de voir la flore exotique et de croiser des gens de différentes cultures. Pas de problème si vous n’êtes pas grand sportif, l’agence vous conseille sur le type de trek qui vous convient.
Kathmandu est une ville pleine de vie et de couleurs, de temples, de stupas. Ville bruyante, quand on n’y est pas habitué, mais il y a plein de parcs et de lieux où on peut se promener tranquillement : Swoyambhu au petit matin, ambiance zen garantie – le jardin des rêves, certes pour touristes mais reposant, le jardin de l’ancien Palais royal, les jardins du monastère Kopan et tous les parcs publics de la ville. Demandez à votre guide.

L’accompagnement par un guide professionnel a été un facteur déterminant pour la réussite de notre premier voyage. Nabin a su nous faire découvrir et apprécier son pays. C’est en toute confiance que vous pouvez vous adresser à l’agence HMT - Himalayan Magics Treks . Vous êtes sûr de faire un bon choix à tout niveau des tarifs corrects, des conditions de sécurité assurées durant le trek, une prise en charge totale et surtout une super équipe qui travaillent dans la bonne humeur d’où des rapports très chaleureux.
BON VOYAGE AU NEPAL et envoyez le bonjour à Nabin de notre part………..

le trek de l'Annapurna Base Camp

'' Namasté!!!!
Je suis venue au Népal en laissant mon esprit largement ouvert à la magic de la découverte.  Après un début de trek avec toi Nabin, et en vue des circonstances dans le groupe, tu m'as offert la chance de rencontrer cet autre guide, Rajendra Karki et de partager avec lui et Ramech la suite du treck de l'Everest Base Camp. Puis seule avec lui le trek de l'Annapurna Base Camp et de sa région. Raj est un être d'une grande gentillesse et ce sont les yeux fermés que nous lui accordons notre confiance. C'est un véritable soleil! Grace à son écoute et sa patience, je peux enfin dire que je parle anglais (rire). Sans oublier qu'il m'a sauvé de mon ivresse des montagnes à 5200m d'altitude tandis que moi, je pensais seulement avoir une grosse envie de dormir! Merci à lui et à son professionnalisme. Il a été pour moi un guide mais aussi un ami qu'il restera certainement.
Bien sûr, je n'oublierai pas non plus Kotgah que nous aimons parcequ'il est impossible qu'il en soit autrement et la douceur de Ramech.
Nous avons marché pendant plus d'un mois et demi. La marche en montagne est une aventure que nous ne pouvons oubliée, bonne ou mauvaise. C'est un retour aux sources, une communion avec le tout.
C'est un apprentissage sur la vie. Pour ceux qui savent rester ouvert, c'est l'occasion d'échange, de rencontres et de partage magnifiques! Et nombreux sont les Népalais et autres êtres venus d'autres contrés capablent de ce partage. Le Népal je l'aime avec le bon et malgrés le moins bon. La simplicité de ses habitants, leur bienveillance, leur sourire. La beauté de l'himalaya, de ces vieilles forêts chargées de bonnes énergies, ces temples bouddhistes.
Merci à vous Nabin et Gopal, pour votre accueil et votre prise en charge.
Lily -EBC et ABC 2017".