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Expedition in Nepal

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We proposes the world's best mountain climbing break, blessed with world's 8 highest mountain peaks above 8000m among of 14 highest peaks. Excessive numbers of mountaineers visit Nepal to apprehend their dream of standing on the summit of Himalayas. Name of a few adventurous mountains are Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho-Oyu, Manaslu, Dhaylagiri and Annapurna.  1310 identified Himalayan peaks in Nepal out of which 326 peaks have been opened for mountaineering.

Nepal has amazing present for everyone - the magnificent tumble of great snow high point, monasteries,  alpine flowers, villages, forests of rhododendron, remote settlement, small mountain towns, villages, birds, animals, temples and many different people etc.
Fascinated people to do expedition require being physically and expressively strong in order to brave the ruthless and challenging journey further on of the mountain expedition.

Mt. Everest 8848m - Expedition in Nepal

Everest Expedition

Everest Expedition (29,028ft/8,848m) is the highest peak of the World along which the climbing toppers feel themselves as the most proud and daredevil trail of the World.

Mt. Amadablam 6812m - Expedition in Nepal

Amadablam Expedition

Amadablam Peak (6,812m) is often described as the one of the stringiest wonderful mountains in the world due to its dramatic and exciting features which lies in the heart of the Khumbu region.

Mt. Shisapangma 8013m - Expedition in Nepal

Shishapangma Expedition

Mt.Shishapangma(8,013m) expedition is a pastoral climbing for all those climbers who are seeking for  less crowded peak. Mt. Shishapangma is the 14th world’s highest mountain peak that located entirely in Tibet and which is only 5 km away from the border of Nepal in the South Central Tibet.

Mt. Cho-yu 8201m - Expedition in Nepal

Cho-Oyu Expedition

Mt. Cho Oyu(8,201m) is called as ‘Goddess of Turquoise”. As Chomo is goddess in Tibetan language and ‘Yu’ is turquoise. Thus, ‘Chomo Yu” has changed into Cho Oyu in course of changing civilization of generation after generation.

Mt. Annapurna 8091m - Expedition in Nepal

Annapurna Expedition

Mt. Annapurna (8,091m) is taken from Sanskrit word that mean “Sustenance and filled with”, so that the name would translate into the Goddess rich in Sustenance or simply “The Provider”.

Mt. Manaslu 8156m - Expedition in Nepal

Manaslu Expedition

Manaslu(8,156m) is taken from the Sanskrit word Manasa which means Intellect or Soul. It is the same word that is the root of the name of the sacred lake Manasarover near to Mt. Kailash in Tibet. Manaslu is situated in the Nepal at the flat place, describing the mountain’s general summit.

Mt. Makalu 8,481m - Expedition in Nepal

Makalu Expedition

Makalu (8,481m) was first climbed by a French people in 1955. While based on 1995 report; 160 climbers had reached the summit on 125 expeditions whereas 15 climbers had died in this strive. Firstly, it was mapped and photographed from the Tibet side in 1921 by British Everest reconnaissance. 

Mt. Kanchanjunga 8598m - Expedition in Nepal

Kanchanjunga Expedition

Kanchenjunga (8,586m) is the world’s third tallest mountain after Mt. Everest and Mt. K2. Kanchenjunga is located at the Eastern part of Nepal which was first ascended by a British team in 1956. It is one of the huge mountains mass, many satellite peaks rise from its narrow icy ridges.

Mt.Pomari 7161m - Expedition in Nepal

Pomari Expedition

Pumori(7,161m) or Pumo-Ri  is a mountain  that lies on the  border between Nepal-Tibet  in the Mahalangur part of the Himalayan. Pumori is situated just 8km West part of the Mt. Everest. Pumori means “Unmarried Daughter” according to the Sherpa language which was named by George Mallory and climbers refers Pumori as an “Everest Daughter”.

Mt. Baruntse 7129m - expedition in Nepal

Baruntse Expedition

Baruntse(7,129m) Expedition is the snow peak ,situated at the heart of the Everest region  which is surrounded by the popular peaks of the World such as Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, Chamlang, Amadablam and Mera  peak etc of the Himalayas of Nepal.

Mt. Lhotse 8516 m - Expedition in Nepal

Lhotse Expedition

Lhotse (8,516m) is the world’s 4th highest mountain of Nepal  and its East-West summit is situated straightaway South Mt. Everest and the summits of the two mountains are joined by the South Col a vertical ridge that never drops below 8,000m.

Mt. Nuptse 7855 m - Expedition in Nepal

Nuptse Expedition

Nuptse(7,855m) is located at Southwest of Mt Everest in the  Khumbu Himal. The name Nup-tse is derived from the Tibetan language that means West-peak which is the Western part of the Massif Lhotse-Nuptse.

Mt. Dhaulagiri 8167 m - Expedition in Nepal

Dhaulagiri Expedition

Mt. Dhaulagiri (8,167m/26,795ft) is the 7th world’s highest mountain, which is also known as the one of the formidable interesting peak of the Nepal.

Mt. Ratna Chuli Expedition (7,128m/23,345ft) in Nepal

Mt. Ratna Chuli Expedition

Mt. Ratna Chuli Expedition (7,128m/23,345ft) is situated in Annapurna Region and this peak is stand between Narphu and Koto village.

Himlung Himal(7,126m) Camp III

Himlung Himal Expedition (7,126m)

Himlung Himal Expedition is one of the most recently opened peaks for climbing that lies between Massif Himalayan ranges of Manaslu and Annapurna. As a being of the most daredevil trails of Nepal, that takes you along the most striking remote and rugged villages of Nepal and Tibet Border.

GyajiKang Expedition

GyajiKang Expedition (7,100m) Mt. Gyajikang is one of the most popular destinations that follow through the remote Tibetan settlements villages of Nar and Phu near to the border between Tibet and Nepal northern part of Manang.