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Rafting in Nepal

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Rafting in Nepal is one of the major adventure activities to be done in Nepal. Nepal is the country of great Himalayas and swift flowing rivers has become reputed country in Context of the white water rafting. If you are seeking for the world best and most exciting white water rafting no doubt Nepal is the perfect destination for you. The snow fed rivers flowing from the high Himalayas with great speed offers grade 5 to 5+ rapids for junkies bringing out adrenaline rush. Not only for the experienced kayakers and rafters but Nepal also offers relaxing rafting in warm waters with grade 2 – 3 rapids for the layman.

Rafting in Nepal is filled with fast flowing rivers that flow along the rugged slope which bursts out waves and swirling rapids. Before starting the rafting our experts will give you instruction based on your safety and emergency situations. We will provide you life helmets and jackets. Up to days date the Government of Nepal has commercially opened 10 rivers for rafting. The river offering white water rafting in Nepal are Trishuli River Rafting, Seti River Rafting, Sun Koshi River Rafting, Kali Gandaki River rafting, Bhote Koshi River Rafting, Marsyangdi River Rafting, Karnali River Rafting, Tamur River Rafting and Arun River Rafting. Rafting in Nepal can be enjoyed to its fullest during October to mid-December and March to early May

Arun River Rafting

Arun River Rafting is a Tran’s boundary river rising from Tibetan region and its major tributary towards the Saptakoshi River. Being most potent and respected river of Nepal, it enters Nepal along the South Himalayan (3,500m).

Tamor River Rafting

The Tamor River Rafting is adventure rafting of the Nepal and it was opened since 1990 but it is not that much well-known as like the Sunkoshi and Trishuli River rafting. It is the one of the best combination of short Himalayan trek offering a superb view of Massif Mountains regions. While moving along foothill of rhododendron forest through the exhilarating and thrill seeking adventure rafting of 129 km through the river of Tamor.

Bhote Koshi - Rafting in Nepal

Bhote Koshi River Rafting

The Bhote Koshi River Rafting is the precipitous river rafted in Nepal. With an incline of 15 km it is a full eighth times as precipitous as the Sun Koshi River that consume further downstream.

Trishuli River - Rafting in Nepal

Trishuli River Rafting

Trishuli is the one of the most popular rafting destination because of its majestic gorges, stirring rapids, some easier section and easy accessibility from Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Kaligandaki River - Rafting in Nepal

Kaligandaki River Rafting

The Kali Gandaki or Gandaki River which is also called as the Narayani that lies between in the southern Nepal and the Gandak in India. It is the major rivers of Nepal that left back tributary of the Ganges in india.

Seti River - Rafting in Nepal

Seti River Rafting

Seti river rafting is an exclusive rafting destination that situated near to Pokhara valley. Seti River Rafting surprises with magnificent hills, valleys, beautiful jungle, picturesque landscape and plenty of easy rapids, Small volume, blue and warm water makes Seti rafting an ideal rafting journey for the beginners.

Sunkoshi River - Rafting in Nepal

Sunkoshi River Rrafting

Sun Koshi or Sona Koshi mention as the river of gold. According to local languages sun means gold and koshi means river. It is believed that name of the Sun koshi became because of the gold occasionally picked up with the gravels or color of the water that loaded with alluvium during the monsoon season.