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Nepal is the country of high Himalayas, incredible mountains, diversified wildlife and multi cultures. Nepal has a distinctive background stretches from the pinnacle of Mt. Everest to the Terai low lands where various human ethnicity and natural surroundings can be found. Nepal is the birth place of Lord Buddha. Nepal is land locked country connecting China in the north and India in South. The length of the kingdom is approximately 885 km east to west, and breadth 193 km north to south. The total area of the country is 147, 181 Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. Excessive number of tourist come Nepal to trek on early track. Nepal is prosperous in terms of bio-diversity due to its distinctive geographical location difference in altitude. Contained by a space of 150km, the elevation of the country ranges from 60 meters above sea level to the highest point on earth, Mt. Everest (8,848m.). The climate is also diverse in nature ranging from Sub-tropical to Arctic due to country's altitudinal variation. Nepal has occupied only 1% of the earth but it is a home to 2% of all the flowering plants in the world, 8% of the world's population of birds, 4% of mammals on earth, 11 of the world's 15 families of butterflies, 600 indigenous plant families and 319 species of exotic orchids. The national language of Nepal is Nepali, however the people engaged in travel-trade understand and speak English fluently. 

Traditional Nepali women - Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is very popular destination for Trekking and Exploring the massive mountains and their ranges.

Botany  - Botanical Trek in Nepal

Botanical Trekking in Nepal

We organize Botanical Trek in Nepal providing you the experience of flora with local amateur and professional botanists. We provide the privilege to participants  with valuable information about Himalayan flora.

Expedition in Nepal

Expedition in Nepal

We proposes the world's best mountain climbing break, blessed with world's 8 highest mountain peaks above 8000m among of 14 highest peaks.

Peak Climbing in Nepal

Peak Climbing in Nepal

Our Mission is maximum Adventure for 2018 specialist Peak Climbing in Nepal base program to deal with organizing all NMA Peaks are open booking for join group as well as private groups with HMT professionalism ''Trekking Peaks" of Nepal gives hobby-climbers an opportunity to tackle a high Himalayan peak without organizing a major expedition which is easy and comfortable than expedition in Nepal despite of being lower than 8,000 m peak climbing are no less demanding and adventure than expedition

Nepal Tour Packages

Nepal is the most beautiful and stunning Himalayan country in the world with its long history, fascinating art and distinctive and varied architecture.

Red Panda is trough the Jungle in Nepal

Jungle Safari in Nepal

Jungle Safari in Nepal

which is very popular to observe Not only offer glorious mountain trekking and raging river rafting, but it also has a fine selection of pristine national parks. Nepal offers you the chance to enter the jungle and view some of the rarest and most endangered wildlife on earth.

Travel Service Nepal

Travel Services

Himalayan Magic Treks provides superior travel services like Hotels, Air Ticketing, Vehicle hire and other information required by our valuable guests. 

Adventure sports in Nepal

Adventure Sports in Nepal

Adventure Sports in Nepal Himalayan Magic Treks Not only offer glorious mountain trekking and raging river rafting, but it also has a fine selection of pristine national parks.

Phaplu, Mt.Numbur - Homestay in Nepal

Home stay Trek in Nepal

Home stay trek in Nepal Experience Nepal with Friendly People, Magnificent geography, unique culture with few days home stay trek in Nepal. Few days Living with the people of Nepal adopting their culture and lifestyle turns out to be one of the worthy decision and overwhelming experience.

Annapurna Region - Christmas Tour in Nepal

Christmas Tour in Nepal

Christmas tours in Nepal

We organize special package tour in your beautiful occasion Christmas and New Year.We provide you the privilege to make your holiday remarkable and adventures around the corners of spectacular Himalayas with your family, couple, and friends. Conform this trip today with Himalayan Magic Treks.

Trekking Equipments

Trekking Equipments

TREKKING GEARS / EQUIPMENT'S for your travel to Nepal Himalayas and around mountains side
Himalayan Magic Treks suggest these are just like a guidelines for your equipment's/clothing’s preparation, things can be added or deducted as per your suitability and necessity and remember the number of days you are traveling and time of the year and altitude you are going at.

Everest Region - Hiking in Nepal

Hiking Day Tours

Walking around hillside, mountain views, beautiful flora and fauna gives you pleasure to have physical and mental refreshment. Hike can be the short or extended depending on holidays and destinations.

Volunteering in Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal

We have been providing these services to different volunteers all around the world. We manage our volunteers to different local corners of Nepal without compromising with their security and health, since the land of Himalaya is very difficult to adopt the surroundings and geography.

Travel Information Nepal

Travel Info

All the travelers mus know about the places very well before they visit around. Himalayan Magic Treks provides very necessary and basic information to the travelers to make their rout worthy.  

Festival in Nepal

Festivals in Nepal

Nepal is a very rich in unique culture and religion. we have more than hundred's of cultural practice here every day to get in to our major culture culture and understand the religion we provide you the opportunities to travelers and interested candidates to partake in treasure of Nepal.

Tharu culture in Chitwan

Family Tour in Nepal

We are organizing Special Family Tours in Nepal. And we organized several Families in the mountains also cultural places in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan and Lumbini so we provide custom-designed travel with an unrivaled collection of creative itineraries to destination throughout the Himalayan Trails.