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G Gisele

Tour in France 2011

I was there in France 2011 with Gisele and George, They invite me for visit and to learn their culture and lifestyle. I stayed there for two months and i went through many beautiful places to see and explore, at the end of tour i was inspired by France! Thank you to Djo and Gisele for such a beautiful experience!

They took me to different location where i got huge privilege to see many mountains sides, Cities, beach of ocean and I even got the opportunities met different organization  the one with Labalagere in the Pyrénées they provide me trip to Cirque de Gavarnie with their client’s, I’m very thankful to all staff of Labalagere also our fellow friends during the time of Hiking and so do Pyrénées program. South part of France called Toulouse, Lyon, L'Albie, Labrokere, La rhune, Pyrénées , Dequiz ville, and Paris etc. were my favorite destination!

I traveled, explored and inspired by European culture lifestyle. I cant wait to get there again!

Nabin Karki

Dashain Festival - Himalayan Magic Treks

Dashain (The biggest Festival)


is the greatest national religious festival for the Nepalese people. This festival is observed throughout the length and breadth of the country. This festival lasts for 15 days. During this festival houses are re decorated and people come from far and wide t join their family. Especially from the seventh day the festival is observed with much enthusiasm. On the eight day large number of goats and buffalo are sacrificed in Kot and Taleju Bhawani temple in Hnuman Dhoka. (Taleju is the feminine deity who always lives in the upper storey and also known as "Manneswari" one who needs to be respected nationally. During this festival people visit various goddess temples viz Durga, Kali and Bhagawati (all are goddess of power). The last day is known as Bijaya Dashami (Victory). On this day people visit their elder relatives and received blessings and meet friends. elders put Tika (red vermillion and curd and rice) all mixed together to put on forehead). This Tika also symbolizes people's third eye.) and Jamara (Barley plant) National holiday is granted from the first day of the festival)